About us

NOAH aims to provide the best wood blank for luthiers all around the globe. As craftsmen ourselves, we aspire to present string instrument makers with a range of Adirondak spruce products that primarily focus on quality and individuality. Whether you’re a musician, a luthier or both, NOAH caters to your crafting needs so that the look and sound of your guitars, violins, mandolins and ukuleles reflect the expertise and passion of their maker.

At NOAH, we believe in the value of proximity.

We treat each of our clients as the professional they are, because we’re aware of the time and care that goes into choosing the right wood blank. That is why every item in our online shop is 100% original: what you buy is what you get, down to the markings in the wood.

Our story

Located in the northern part of Quebec, NOAH was born from the combination of passion and knowledge; a love for string instrument making mixed with an expertise developed from years of crafting. We aspire to share our passion through the quality of our products, who are carefully sourced from Adirondack Wood Supply, which specializes in the growth of Adirondack spruce.

With ties in the guitar industry dating as far back as 1969, Adirondack Wood Supply is a renown supplier in the world of high quality tonewood. Their desire to provide precise wood products stems from a deep knowledge of Adirondack spruce and its natural particularities : a powerful, clean sound enhanced by torrefaction, which gives the wood its distinctive golden coloration.

Whether you order them with the intent to use them for music, or just because you’re passionate about the look and feel of a professional-level string instrument, our soundboards are guaranteed to make a vibrant impression in your workshop and beyond.